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Hello Friends,

Wow, 2015 was a terrific year for us!  Forgive us for repeating ourselves, but we really learned and grew so much over this past year. We're so grateful to be working and collaborating with so many incredibly talented and influential artists, including John Martin, Pat Rose, Lu and Savannah Rubino, and Shannon Outley. Our accomplishments for 2015 included the recording of two new original songs along with five newly remixed/remastered versions from earlier releases.  Oh yeah, one more awesome thing, we received acceptance approval from Pandora for our tune "Somewhere Down the Road." We're aiming for much more in 2016!


This has been an amazing ride since we started recording back in 2011 and we're blessed for all of the wonderful connections we have made.  


For 2016, we plan to keep writing and recording, but we also hope to have some live performances as well.  

Music is our passion and we're grateful to be living out and realizing our dream.  


Words we strive to live by: "make each day count" and "be in the moment."

Thank you so much for your support!





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